Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Change of plans

After the Stockport 300 and the ride home went ok, I was looking forward to the Welsh 600 in mid May and a 400 into north Wales at the end of the month. Neither of these rides went well and I ended up packing and getting the train home on both.

Working away for 3 months and not riding to work in the week, along with eating too much hotel/restaurant food has left me unfit and a bit up on weight! Due to having my kids at the weekends and planned holidays this month, it looks like I'll not have the time and fitness to qualify for PBP (Paris - brest - Paris) this year.
I'm not really that fussed about it though as it has felt that I've HAD to do all the rides this year just so that I could go and do PBP.
I've not been getting the enjoyment from cycling this year as much as I did in the last few years.

I'm going to get back out on my bike now for a few shorter and more enjoyable social rides, whilst still doing the shorter audax rides.
I now have over a week off in August still booked and I may even go and do a bit of cycle camping/touring.
Now I just have to decide where I'm going to go :-)

I've always wanted to tour around the Netherlands and it's slightly easier to get to from here than my other idea of touring Ireland.
I was going to go over a few years ago for Cyclevision and the recumbent racing but this never happened and last years 1200km audax has only made me want to see it at a slower pace.
So far the idea is Ferry over and ride along the Rhine to Arnhem (Mum went to school there for 14yrs). Up through the Apeldoorn and onto the North coast, maybe visiting some velomobile and recumbent manufacturers on the way up through to drool over stuff I can't afford!!
Then ride back south along the coast for the ferry home.

Now to spend the next month or so doing another favourite pastime of mine, spending ages looking at maps :-D