Friday, 27 February 2009

Slow week

Not much done this week just the usual 10k each way commute.
Changed the route in on a couple of days as I started late and had the pleasure of Blasting along the reasonably quiet grid roads.

I've changed the seat on the Giro from a mesh back one to a hardshell one I had sat in the shed.
Initial thoughts are that it's more comfortable with more back support, but I will need to fix it properly before I spend a silly amount of money on a tailbox for it.
Will have to see how it performs on the Kennet Valley audax near Reading tomorrow (28/2/09) before I do anything else with it.

Weights down about 3kgs in the couple of weeks I've started watching what I'm eating, no it's not a diet. Target is down below 100kg, will see how it goes.

Busy weekend ahead with maybe 2 audax rides and the local FSoTM rides (see link to my rides)


Sunday, 22 February 2009

Get on your bike for Cancer Research UK

Sunday the 6th September '09.

Come and join us for an easy 7 or 15 mile 'family ride' to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

I've helped out on this event for the last 5 years and it's a great ride especially for children.

This year it is starting from the Hilton Hotel at Kents Hill in Milton Keynes and follows the Ouzel valley towards Willen lake, then onto the Millennium Cycle Route around MK. All part of the Sustrans cycle routes 51 and 6.

The signed route uses shared use paths, redways and quiet estate roads taking you from river and canalside paths past the roman villa and the famous concrete cows.

There is also a chance to win a bike from Phil Corley Cycles.

For more info and an entry form contact Carol Osbourne at
Or sign up online HERE

February cycling

It's been a bad month cycling wise, hardly managed to get any miles in at all this month.
The snow and ice that we had made it dangerous to ride the recumbent for the first 2 weeks, doing odd shifts at work meant having to put petrol in the car (I hate having to do that) and using that instead.
Thought I would have better luck this week with the weather being better I managed to get my shorts out for the first time this year,I was wrong.
Monday's ride in was stopped with a broken chain about half way, got that fixed roadside and got going again.
Obviously I didn't fix it properly as Tuesday the same thing happened again, this time I was almost there so I walked the last mile to work as it was getting dark. Changing to 12hr shifts again and what with kids on holidays means I did manage 1 other commute.
This weekends audax went the same way when unexpected kid-sitting problems (ex was late home from party) meant I got hardly any sleep.
Hopefully next week will be better with shorter shifts I may actually manage a full week of commuting, at least there's another planned 200km next Saturday to look forward to.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Cycle rides around Milton Keynes (FSoTM)

First Sunday of The Month rides.
These are the rides that I organise on the First Sunday of every month throughout the year.
They were started to get more people out on their bikes and to show how easy it is to get around MK and the surrounding areas.

All the rides are taken at a pace to suit the slowest rider, with plenty of stops if needed.
Children are welcome but under 16’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
The rides will use a mixture of surfaces so robust tyres are advisable. They use the redway cycle paths, shared use paths and quiet roads where possible.

Start at 10am from the bandstand on Elizabeth Square,

Rides are approx 20 miles.
Unless stated otherwise.

Jan 4th. ~ Ride to Whaddon Via Stony.

Feb 1st. ~ Ride to Stockgrove park café via Leighton Buzzard.

Mar 1st. ~ Ride to Woburn via the woods, a few hills on this one.

April 5th. ~ Ride a loop towards Stewkley.

May 3rd. ~ Ride around the Millennium cycle route, 13 miles starting from Furzton lake, At the bridge by the bowl.

June 14th. (2nd Sunday) ~ Ride to Salcey Forest café. 30 miles.

Jul 5th. ~ Ride around the back of Linford lakes and return via Newport.

Aug 2nd. ~ Ride to Winslow using Sustrans Route 51, 18 Miles starting from Furzton lake, at the bridge by the Bowl.

Sept 6th. ~ Ride around the lakes of MK.

Oct 4th. ~ Ride to Newport and Cranfield, 25 miles.

Nov 1st. ~ Ride to Marston Vale Forest Centre café, 30 miles.

Dec 6th ~ Ride to Woburn via Wavendon. A few hills on this one.

For more info or the rides .doc email me and I'll send it on.

Back on the bike

Although it's only been 2 weeks since I was last on it, after the snow and ice we've had it's good to be back on the bike.

I've been using the car through the bad weather mainly because the recumbent is quite dangerous in the snow and after falling off of it in the ice before Christmas I don't fancy a repeat performance.

And I really don't like having to put petrol in it.

Today was warm enough to go out in shorts for the first time this year and the ride past the lakes along my 10km ride to work was great.

Have also decided to stop drinking in the week and cut down on it at weekends, I need to lose some weight if I'm going to get around some of the planned rides for this year.

Current weight is 110kgs!! and hopefully seeing it on here will help me stick to it.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

1st post to new blog

Don't know why I've started this blog? maybe to document what I get up to cycling about the UK on various audax events and local rides.

A bit about me I suppose,
40yr old mad, cycle friendly lorry driver with 6 kids.
I ride recumbent bikes as I like the comfort over the narrow saddles that cut you in half!
Current ones include a Bacchetta Giro 26, an ICE S trike and a Pashley PDQ.
The Giro is the one at the moment that gets the most use mainly for commuting the 10k to work and back. It's also the ride of choice on the audax rides I done so far up to 600km.
Hopefully this will increase this year as I've entered the 1400km

Bacchetta Giro 26