Sunday, 27 February 2011

I'm still here!!

This new season has not come up to expectations so far, maybe it's because of all the riding I did last year where I reached my goal of getting the AUK recumbent points record.
Maybe it's because I think I have to go out and ride because of the French ride this year, instead of going out to enjoy it.

So far this season I've managed to get out once a month for my RRTY (200km a month) although I've also DNS'd and DNF'd a 600, 300 and 2x200's.
I got round the Kennet valley run yesterday, a great ride in a lovely area. But I didn't enjoy it!!
It was good to see a lot of friends and it was great chatting to them all, but I really didn't like the cycling bit.

Perhaps I need to do some fast shorter rides and something different to get the motivation back ready for the longer rides later in the year.
I have loads of rides planned and with everything else I don't have a free weekend until Sept!!

So it looks like I'll be out doing local rides this month with some hills involved for good measure :-)
There are some great roads around here to cycle on. I'll be getting the maps out later to work out some routes.

The next audax will be The Dean on the last weekend of March, another ride that I don't have a good record on, 1 DNF due to a broken steering, a DNF due to a new not setup correctly bike and a DNS due to sickness so far. Let's see how it goes this year.

Hopefully it will come back soon and I'll start enjoying it again.

See you on the road :-)

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