Thursday, 8 October 2015

More ramblings..

Another week or so since the last post.
Only managed to get out twice last week as we were away Thu/Fri for a short break in Blackpool.

Still playing with the heart rate monitor and still not managed to get the HR anywhere near my perceived max!
Will give it a few more weeks of regular riding and then see if I can do a functional threshold test to set a benchmark to work on.

Tuesday saw me do a fastish ride to work.

Then a zone 2 ride home at midnight.
Keeping the heart rate inside the zone is interesting, as soon as you stop pedaling or go downhill slightly it drops by a beat a second. You have to work fairly hard to keep it there.

A weekend away meant no cycling but we walked miles along the seafront and back a few times.
Weight went up a couple of pounds but I'll put that down to bread and drink :-D
Have joined a Strava training plan to start with which is a first as my "training" has always been just get out and ride distance.
Will see how I do on it.

Back on it this week with squats at the gym on Tuesday, the planned long ride home was put back a day to Wednesday as I'd forgot my jacket and it was pissing down!

Nothing today (Thurs) but have a planned 280km total cycling planned this weekend, 80ish km over to Peterborough for a train to York and 35ish km ride to Boroughbridge for a camping meet.
Ride on Sat and same back on Sunday.
Don't think I'll be able to keep it in zone 2 for the whole ride over but will see what happens.

Oh, I've also entered a 200km audax ride for the 1st time in 4yrs!
I think I have done this ride 6 times before, It was my 1st 200km event back in 2006 and I'm sure I rode it every year until 2011 where it was my last calendar ride.
I think it's a good place to start again, and it will be interesting to see how I do on it.


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